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what is self worth?

“Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I’ve been thinking about self-worth and what quantifies it, whether it’s possible to gain a general consensus at all?


They told millennials we are great. And all we need is to feel like a trillion dollars on the inside, then the dream will be achieved without our interference in the self-affirming self-loving space.


Then the reality sinks in that we can’t manifest coin with hovering pretty words. Panic dawns, and the day planners, calendars, task managers, social media marketing, Google searches, and big whiteboards close in.


Influencers pop up, influence you to purchase products to rid yourself from that one flaw standing in between you and perfection, between you and happiness.


Inspiring role models tell you, from their pastel apartments, to banish the humdrum of your life and relax. Merely follow the step-by-step rigid schedule of monotonous self-care and you’ll be happy.


How many clicks? How many likes? How many digits in your savings? How many bath bombs? How many massages? How many yoga pants? How many calories?


It’s all numbers, crunching and crashing around me. And all I want to do is lie down, amidst the exhaustion of forcing myself to love me and calculating my productivity per hour percentage.


How do you define self-worth?


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  1. You’ve got it. Lie own and ignore all the experts who know how to help you find you. Don’t people realize those folks are only interested in finding your wallet? I review books but will not review any books on motivation or “How to manage your 27 hour day.” There are articles on Medium (many free) by people who analyze how much time we waste in planning ultimate productivity. I ignore those also because I sort of figured that out already.

    Listen to the inner voice (as long as it hasn’t signed a publishing deal).

    Self worth defined through self analysis of what is important to you.

    1. Great advice! I guess it’s encoded in me from a young age that my worth is how well I perform, for example, ‘A’ grades that my parents pressured me to get

  2. Presently, I define my self-worth by how well I provide for my family and prepare The Girl & The Boy for life after 18 and by how much kindness, compassion, and respect I manifest toward other people. Ask me again when the kids are grown & gone, though. I’m sure my answer will have changed somewhat.

    1. That’s a lovely answer, I will ask you again in a few years!

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  4. Moving, honest words. I define self-worth in terms of my Creator’s assessment of me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing x

  5. Great post! Love how you’ve expressed it here, Em! 🙂 It can be very overwhelming with everyone having conflicting ideas on ‘THIS is what you need to do to achieve your dreams, it’s easy-peasy!’ when of course it just…isn’t 😅
    Personally, I’d define self-worth by trying to be a positive influence on people I meet, whether it’s showing day-to-day respect and consideration of others, or sharing something on WP that will hopefully resonate with people, especially with the different stories I’ve tried. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

    1. Thanks, for sharing Tom, I really like that perspective, it does resonate with me

  6. Great post! A good question to ponder. I feel society in general, places too much emphasis on financial accomplishments, rather than altruistic achievements. Our concern and care for others is a good measure of self worth. Like they say…” In the end, they won’t care about how many degrees you have, or how much money you’ve acquired. They will only care about … how you made them feel”. You touch our lives! I always look forward to reading your posts. 💙

    1. Thanks for sharing Patty 💙and thanks for the kind words, wow, I sooooooo appreciate them

  7. What an excellent post Em, with an absolute cracker of a thought provoking question! 🙂

    How do l define my self worth though? mmm.

    I don’t know in truth. I have been giving this question considerable thought time since reading it. I agree with Patti – society does place too much importance on unimportant things, sure they are important to a certain degree but they are not specifically defining. I remember once reading something and l thought yeah that’s how l view life with people.

    The only time you should look down on a person is when you are helping them up.

    Truth is l have never given my own self worth that much true thought. I like who l am, l am glad l am me and really me and it took a long time to discover me and be happy with who l am as a person, l don’t expect anything from people but l will not take blatant insults. Although l am very tolerant of people and expect the same. I don’t judge people and they are not my judge, jury or executioner. I treat people with as much respect as l can. I like to help people even though l don’t particularly like society, but l like people if that makes sense? I like to offer and award praise and motivation where l can and both inspire and enthuse others where possible – but l don’t know if that is self worth?

    I try not to rip ten barrels out of myself, because we can all do that to ourselves if something goes wrong in our lives, i don’t know the answer to this question, but as said it is an excellent question.

    But l do know this, l am not unworthy and l am happy with who l am.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and sorry about my late reply, your comment makes me think even further about this question….I think it take s a lifetime to know oneself and discover the ‘authentic self’…

      1. Very much so 🙂

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